Hawthorn Blue is a specialist recruitment business focused on senior managerial and executive appointments within the built environment and building products arenas throughout the UK and overseas. Our simple aim is to be regarded as being very good to deal with, providing the best service in our market.

We have purposefully structured our business to be different from our competitors. Free from many of the daily responsibilities and distractions of staff management, we are able to focus entirely on investing our time in doing what we do best; developing mutually supportive relationships with key people. Everyone we deal with benefits from having our full attention.

We recognise that our Clients and Candidates are in fact often the same people and that securing a long term future for our business rests on building open and candid two-way relationships. We strive for a strong reputation for providing a straightforward and sensible service to everyone we deal with.

Our strategy therefore is to work in close partnership with you, whether you are searching for the best person in the market to join your business or are thinking about exploring opportunities personally. We will be concentrating on you, and the individual plan we draw up for you, until we have reached the outcome we set out for together.

Hawthorn Blue