At Hawthorn Blue, unlike many of our competitors, we do not take the view that executive level recruitment is a glamorous and golden route to a hefty fee. Rather, to us, executive level recruitment is a complex affair requiring hard work, and it is an expense for our Client that we must justify. Business critical appointments require good quality, carefully considered recruitment procedures and an investment of time and effort by all parties – us, you the Client, and the shortlisted candidates - to ensure that the outcome is the right one.

We do not claim to reinvent the wheel of recruitment, but we do feel we offer a distinct service from the crowd of our competitors found in city centre hubs and head hunting firms who often promise a speedy delivery of names but can lack the quality of selection and engagement required at this level. Our experience and maturity enable us to handle people and situations carefully and with discretion, providing reassurance to all parties that they are represented very well throughout the given process.

As our Client, we will include you in every feature of our service so that you can fully understand our workings and can exercise some control and input, and review our process with us, as we work together through the appointment. Ultimately, in working in an open-book fashion with you from start to finish, we will be giving you the reassurance that a thorough service has been provided and that you can see value in the cost incurred beyond that of your new incumbent being in post.

We work to a detailed schedule for every assignment. For a discussion about how we would work with you, please phone us on 0191 374 0140.

Hawthorn Blue