Our careers are an important part of defining who we are as individuals. They bear a huge impact on our family lives, social groups and most importantly bringing shape to our plans for the future. At Hawthorn Blue we understand that the choice to move roles is not one to be taken lightly or rushed and that the right decision must be made carefully.

If you think it may be time to consider a new step, we will provide you with a confidential consultation service which serves to define the most appropriate strategy for finding the right role to meet your requirements. You will remain fully in control of the process, choosing which professional and discrete enquiries will be undertaken on your behalf and the order of priority.

Communication is paramount to us and you will be regularly updated of our progress as well as having full control over what we do and don’t do, following our initial consultation. For a discussion about how we would work with you, please phone us on 0191 374 0140.

Hawthorn Blue